We are proud to offer a wide range of health care services to support the individuals and families of Oamaru. You are welcome to see us for appointments whether you are an enrolled patient or not, and we are happy to answer your calls if you have any concerns. We are open for appointments between 9:00am and 5:00pm weekdays.

Our services include the normal range of General Practice, and also insurance medicals, sports injury support and rehabilitiation. We offer mental health support when it falls outside of the requirements of traditional counselling services, so please contact us if you have any queries or concerns. We can refer patients to a dedicated counselling services and physiotherapists as needed.

We offer the following main services:

General Practice

At Central Medical (Oamaru) we provide a full range of general practice services for the whole family, from newborn babies to the very elderly. As a part of providing good medical practice we believe in having a chaperone present for any intimate examination or situation where the patient prefers a chaperone to be present.

Heart Assessments

We encourage you to undertake a heart risk assessment to ensure your optimum health for the long term.
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Diabetic Assessments

Our diabetic assessments provide a thorough checkup of patients who have been previously diagnosed with diabetes.
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Home Visits

Although these take a lot more time a doctor can visit you at home. These can be arranged by our receptionists, although she may ask a Nurse to talk to you. Home visits are usually done around midday although alternative times can be arranged if needed.

Counselling Services

There is a trained, qualified and independent counseller operating from our location that we can refer you to if we cannot meet your immediate needs. Alternatively you are welcome to contact her direct. Our friendly Central Medical staff are here to help and advise you.


The Influenza vaccination is available each year and helps protect you and your family from Influenza.
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Minor Surgery

We provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment, including minor surgeries. Contact us to discuss your needs and concerns and to book an appointment today.

Nurse-led Clinics

Our nurses not only work with the doctors here at Central Medical Oamaru, but perform many tasks in their own right, offered at nurse-led clinics.
Click here to read more about our nurse-led clinics and the services these clinics offer.


The Physiotherapists are not part of Central Medical but are in the same building situated right next door. We have an excellent relationship with these professional physiotherapists. If you have an ACC issue then we are happy to refer you if needed.

Pre-employment Medicals

Ensure the suitability of your employee candidates with a pre-employment medical. We can assess candidates for job suitability, as well as monitor the ongoing health of your staff in relation to any hazards they may be exposed to in the work place. We also provide drug testing on request.

Travellers Health

Ensure your peace of mind when travelling, with our professional medical advice. We offer a full medical consultation and can advise on the right vaccination/s for you.
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Immigration Medicals

We offer this service.
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Sexual Health

At Central Medical we offer up to two free sexual health consultations per year, for those under 22’s.
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Interpreter Service

If you need an interpreter, a free service can be arranged, please advise reception when booking your appointment.