Diabetic Assessments

Diabetes is currently at epidemic proportions. It is a progression condition for which there is no cure. However, it can be controlled and slowed down but requires good management.

Our diabetic assessments provide a thorough checkup of patients who have been previously diagnosed with diabetes. Our aim is to review and assist our patients with the management of this condition. Each visit is an opportunity to reassess our patients knowledge about diabetes, and to help them in their ability to control it.


The aim is:

  • To educate the patient and enable them to monitor and manage their diabetes as well as possible.
  • To assess any problems in glycaemic control and address them to improve it.
  • To detect any complications of diabetes and treat them as appropriate.
  • To educate and reinforce healthy lifestyle advice.
  • To assess the patient's overall health and to treat any associated or coincidental illness, physical or mental.
  • To provide support and advice to our patients on how to cope in living with a chronic illness, and how our patients can best alter their lifestyle to maintain their health.