Heart Assessments

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the westen world. This is largely related to smoking, insufficient quality exercise, and eating more calories than the body needs. Interestingly, the risk of heart disease is very similar to the risk of cancer. The risk can be measured and is free for certain groups. We call it the Cardiovascular Risk otherwise called CVDR.

We encourage you to undertake a heart risk assessment to ensure your optimum health for the long term. We can advise if you are at risk, and what you can do to minimise those risks with a thorough, professional assessment.

The eligible age range is:

  • Females aged 55-74
  • Males aged 45-74

10 years lower than the above if:   

  • Maori
  • Pacific Islander
  • Indian
  • Significant Family History of premature heart disease under the age of 55.

Assessment are repeated every 5 years unless:

  • 5 year risk 10-15% = Repeat in 2 years
  • Greater than 15% = Repeat annually.

These assessments are free for some patients and you can contact us to make a 15 minute appointment with the nurse.